Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Manufacturing Facilities

Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group has introduced the world's most advanced belt conveyor production and processing technology and proprietary production equipment, the main production equipment includes: Pulley production proprietary equipment (automatic edge shaping equipment, automatic welding equipment and dynamic balance automatic testing equipment etc.), idler automatic production line, stringer automatic production line, idler support automatic welding line, support automatic welding line, which realize the intelligent manufacturing of general and standard components. At the same time, laser cutting, digital cutting and CNC machining etc. also guarantee the manufacturing process of the core components in belt conveyor.


Strvctvre Painting Line

Automatic Welding Robot

Roller Plastic Spraying Line

Pulley Hub Welding Robot

Automatic Idler Production Line

Pulley Longitudinal Welding Machine

Automatic Pulley Inner Seam Welding Machine

Automatic Idler Support Welding Production Line

Automatic Support Welding Machine

Automatic Intermediate Frame Line

Automatic Idler Production Line

Automatic Idler Painting Line

Laser Cutting Machine

Plasma and flame cutting machines

Automatic Idler Production Line