Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd

(Shanghai Qingpu Lifting and Transportation Equipment Factory Co., Ltd.)

●815 Huaqing Road, Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai(First plant)
●6655 Yinggang East Road, Qingpu District Industrial Park, Shanghai(The two factory)
●No. 58 Huilian Road, Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai(The three factory)
●No. 29 Jinniu Middle Road, Langxi Economic and Technological Development Zone, Anhui Province(production base)
Zip code:201707 
Contact information
For the domestic market:021-69212951
For export021-69210553
primary contact
Mr. Li:     13840152829
Mr. Zhu:   13918132870
Mr. chen:  13564632009