Shanghai Keda Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd.

Development Strategy

01 Vigorously invest in infrastructure construction and expand the manufacturing scale of enterprise; Rapidly upgrade manufacturing equipment and strive to improve manufacturing level; Implement capacity doubling plan; To achieve the improvement of both the scale and manufacturing level of enterprise and transform the enterprise from traditional and extensive production processing to scale and intelligent manufacturing.
02 Accelerate the R & D of product core technology; Integrate the design concept of environmental protection, intelligence, light weight and module with product design; Improve the high- end market share of bulk conveying equipment, through technological innovation and market development; To achieve the double lead of product technology development and industry market advantage.
03 Concentrate on the main business and build a complete, high-end and three-dimensional industrial chain. Meanwhile, strive to expand the upstream and downstream value-added services of the main products, making the enterprise extend from the basic point of single equipment manufacturing to the whole industrial chain of product manufacturing and service.